Monday, June 3, 2013

What a week

Some fool either thought that the red light was optional for him or thought his cell phone was more important than other drivers' safety.  As a result I have a totaled car, a concussion, and a family mess.
The concussion just sucks.  I'm not able to think as quickly or well at this point.  It's like walking through deep mud a low tide or in a swamp.  The car - we have replacement on it and the other guy admitted fault so we're good there.
But the home situation is falling apart in front of my eyes.  C calls me up because are youngest is crying at bed time, begins to take something out on me and doesn't appreciate it when I don't just take it. I walk away - especially since I've decided since my thinking is off I should keep my mouth closed wherever possible.  
C comes downs stairs and says how I've been pushing her away for the past 4 years.  She is of course correct.  And that was the topic I had for therapy - how I avoid confrontation.  
Did I mention I was on the way to therapy when I got hit.
The saddest part is that sometimes I wish I had been 10 seconds earlier off the light as if I had been in a rush.  I wouldn't have been hit in the front wheel then.
It's been a crappy week.

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