Sunday, June 16, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I should have known I was gay.

In the spirit of David Letterman the Top 10 Reasons I should have know I was gay from middle school, at least.

#10 - My freshman football coach in high school informed me that I could not stand "that way" and be on his team. 

#9 - Not having a real interest in dating girls.

#8 - Not kissing a girl until I was 18-19.

#7 - Tom of Findland - finding Tom of Findland fascinating.

#6 - A fascination with a gay professor in grad school.  I still know where he is unlike any others.

#5 - L - rubbing leg against mine in school.  I hoped she was doing it by accident.  I didn't pursue.

#4 - K - dancing with K.  She let it be known she wanted sex.  I deferred.

#3 - Turning down a threesome.  No, not with another guy.  A girlfriend who was trying to lure me in called and said she was over a friend's house and that they wanted me to come over to play.  I said no - the 20 minute drive didn't seem worth it.  (To be honest the girlfriend was a case.)

#2 - Walking across the street with a friend when I was 20.  He says, "Did you see those cute girls checking us out."  I say, "Huh, what where?"  I never did see them.  More importantly, I wasn't disappointed I didn't see them.


#1 David - not Letterman, but the boy next door.   David, may he rest in peace, died of a unnamed illness.  His parents would never say what it was; my mum still sees them on occassion.  His name isn't on the AIDS quilt; I've looked.

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