Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Odds and ends

Things are tensing up with C.  She is very good at seeing the handwriting on the wall.  I think she knows where my head is better than I do. 

I'm coming to realize that my avoidance of conflict is not serving me very well.  While at one point it may have served some purpose, it is now causing much more pain than it prevents. 

I had a random thought the other day.  Well okay I have them all the time.  But this was about a cruise.  I was listening to NPR about the struggles cruise lines have been having and that they seem to be lowering rates.  A cruise sounded like a very attractive idea.  C has broached that a few times and I've always poo-pooed it.  I should add - a gay cruise sounded nice.

Perhaps it really is time to avoid conflict and get on with life.


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