Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Coming up

So C, the kids and I are planning on going to Cape Cod in a couple of weeks for vacation.  Since I have a 12-13 hour day today I'm taking a few moments to look at some brochures.  I run across one that tells about the national seashore turning 50 that has this picture in it.

What an  amazing picture. The guys on the left fill out the swim suits very nicely. Makes me want to break away and go to the beach alone.


  1. Beautiful! The second guy from the left also is showing something in his shorts as well... I like the fact that they are all "natural" or normal-looking, fit guys, very unlike the unrealistic images of men we see in mainstream media today.

  2. Thanks Buddy Bear - yes my eyes were transfixed on both. But I want to see the guy on the right as well - the hairy chest is nice. ;-)