Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eye of the Hurricane?

So, it's been  a week.  A pretty level week all things considered.

Job-wise not so good.  Both prospects I had did not pan out :-(.  But I am not sure that either would have been as gay friendly as I want.  So I'm back to the drawing board again.

Things with C are calm.  She is holding on for "The Vows".  We vowed for better or worse.  Some times I think it's the 1950's with the way she says that.

Depression wise things are better and that's a good thing of course.  BUT there is this nagging sort of malaise.  I'm just out of sorts, out of connection, feeling dis-ease.

C and the kids are going away tonight to her parents house.  But I have to work.  Tomorrow I will leave work very early and join them.  C and I are going to go away for a night without the kids.  This is the first time we have done this in a long time.  The last time was before I came out to her.

So it should be an interesting weekend.  I'm not sure we will do a lot of discussing anything - we can really tend to dance around any substantive issues - not wanting to rock the boat and all.  Sort of like being in the eye of a hurricane and hoping that the wind has stopped for good - but it has not.

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