Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Gay Day!!

So today is Gay Day. 

No you have not missed some gay holiday.  It's simply the anniversary, the 2nd anniversary, of my coming out to my wife.

We celebrated by going to couples therapy (not so much fun) followed by going out to eat (more fun).  Sort of a somber "holiday" especially since therapy consisted of how we were going to do separate.  Some tears, but not as many as the last few sessions of therapy. 

Talked with someone at work today who knows C and the kids too and mentioned we were moving toward separation.  Didn't say why - mentioned that that was an even longer story.  It felt good to say it out loud to another person.  Well not good exactly but it felt good, helpful, authentic to say it out loud. 

Off to the shrink tomorrow - Joy!!  Not looking forward to that.  It is however a good thing I think.  Depression not so bad right now, but anxiety is setting in.  Working on breathing deeply and sleeping well.  On that note going to head off to bed.

Happy Gay Day!!

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