Friday, August 16, 2013

The End - The Doors

So, I am trying to figure out what to blog at this point and The Doors song "The End" comes to mind.

It's interesting how much of this journey I've related to music over the years. 

In therapy today I talked about getting a couple's therapist.  My object, my chief object, my only real object for doing that is to unwind slowly (but not too slowly), safely and respectfully from C.  As she said the other day - our relationship has changed a lot in the past little bit - last few months.

As I said a while back before restarting therapy here, I was trepidatious about beginning thinking I knew that once I got on the road this is where the road would lead.  

Well I have arrived - one arm swung high and the other on my hip.

Goals for the week:

Call the various therapists we spoke about in therapy today.
Determine which ones have significant LGBT experience - preferably experience with mixed orientation marriages.
Find out about their fee structures
Next Thursday talk with S (therapist) about what I've found out - ask how/if I should let this new therapist know my intention
Present C with 2-3 to chat with.

Keep breathing!


  1. I really like your "goal of the week." That would be a good strategy to help anyone keep there focus on their ultimate goal.

  2. Thanks Buddy Bear. Eyes on the Prize :).