Sunday, August 18, 2013


At the suggestion of my therapist I took the Myers Briggs today.  I am an INFP - I assume this test will confirm that.  I also hate these tests - probably because of my p-ness.  Yes pun intended.  The goal is try to get more insight into me.

But perhaps some of the insight came with question 75 asking how in fact I behave:

When making a decision, is it more important to you to

weigh the facts, or
consider people’s feelings and opinions?

 The answer for me is crystal clear - I do consider people's feelings over weighing the facts.  And that dear friends might explain why I've been stuck so long.   Not only do I consider other people's feelings, I can get in there, feel them for other people and then modify what I do based on what I think someone else might feel.  Talk about prior restraint!!   I bind myself up in a knot over that one.

That insight is helpful.  I can't change the valences, but I can recognize the weakness, the foibles to which I am prone.  And then to work to overcome them.  For me here considering other's feelings is still a good thing, part of who I am.  But when I do so to the detriment of myself, there is no benefit to either me or the people who I am trying to protect - it becomes a lose-lose situation. 

Today that's not okay.

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