Sunday, May 26, 2013


We're all on vacation.  And I should add having fun for the most part.  

We went to an art museum where I saw this print entitled Grief.  

Grief is a funny thing.  I've been thinking about it a bit since the last therapy appointment when the therapist said I could be grieving.  

We (or at least I) tend to try to avoid it.  Grief seems so overwhelming from a distance.  It impinges in our happiness.  We're taught that the "pursuit of happiness" is a fundamental right, but I would argue we miss what happiness really is.  But I digress.  

It is seeming to me that grief is like a negative of Impressionist painting.  I saw both Renoir and Monet at the museum.  Up close it is more difficult to see what the paintings are about.   It is only from a sufficient distance that one can see them clearly. 

Grief I am thinking is the opposite.  From afar it is distorted.   Up close one can see it for what it is, even though it still does hurt.  It is a reaction to a loss of something that is or was a good thing, but it is not the overwhelming wave it can threaten to be.  

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