Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laying Low

Sort of trying to stay under the radar. 

Work trying to keep things going well and they are.  Irene (the hurricane) did not make things any easier there - we had some water damage and served more people.  I have two job interviews scheduled.  One is within commuting distance, barely; the other is not.  Doing my best to keep it all together there and not attract too much attention.

Home also trying to keep things going well and they are.  We are maintaining a status quo that seems to be working at least right now.  Trying not to rock the boat there either.  So far so good.  Now one of the conditions I'd set for moving on/out was that I have a better, more secure job.  That could be in place soon.  But I know that the last time I had a couple of interviews set up they both went south.  However, these two are more in keeping with my skills and experience.  We'll see.

Pain-wise also trying to keep it together.  I'm off the pain meds other than ibuprofen.  And I am in a lot less pain than I had been.  I am mobile and able to get through a day reasonably well.  I'm not sure of the cause of the pain and in a sense it doesn't matter if I can function well.  So be it.  The pain was overwhelming and drove away all other considerations.  Sex, job, all were on the side line.  That has begun to change with the physical improvement.

So, a status quo that portends to be short-lived.  I'm just not sure where the changes will be.  Such is life.

I had an interesting comment the other day on this post about my dear mother-in-law.  Meta-language - interesting.  I thought to simply disregard it as applicable in this case because my dear mother-in-law is not all that capable of doing something for others, so her behavior wouldn't be about helping C.  But then it dawned on me that MiL could easily have done it all for her purposes - to have her family look good and avoid a scandal.  Of course, I'm laying low with regard to MiL too!!

It is really a long strange trip.  It would help if I had a destination in mind!!  Sure serving God and my fellows is a good generic goal, but in the end it doesn't show a specific destination.  But perhaps it does serve as a compass. 

And to that extent it might give a direction. 

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