Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Checking in

Been an interesting couple of weeks.  Irene dumped a lot of rain including a inch in the garage and basement.  Other parts of our county were a lot worse off as was work - I got called in just as the hurricane was hitting its peak.  Had a meeting at work with those above me - our relationship has been damaged perhaps irrevocably.  I bear some of the responsibility; I think they bear much more than I do.  Have two good nibbles on jobs.  One is a bit closer to family.  The other is significantly further away.

But the real kicker has been the pain. 

It seems that the muscles in my upper back have tightened up (due to stress?) in a way that is impacting a nerve on my right side.  I've been incapacitated at times with the pain.  Last night (Monday) I was able to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.  No such luck tonight. 

I went to acupuncture today and he did a bit of acupressure as well.  The regular MD has not been a lot of help.  There diagnoses have been all over the map.  I cancelled the scheduled MRI because of the co-pay - $1,000!  The vicodin and then percocet prescribed doesn't touch the pain.

The acupuncture seems to work. 

And interestingly enough when I am active and acknowledge the pain I seem to do better.  Ignoring it doesn't work - interesting corollary to the larger situation.  Ignoring being gay and married doesn't work.

Bottom line - am on the mend slowly.  Seeing this as indicative of and likely caused by where I am vis a vis C.  It's causing stress that is eating me away, consuming me.  But when I sit with and acknowledge it all, the stress moves back.

Instead of life imitating art we have body imitating psyche.

C has been amazing throughout.


  1. Hang in there. I think acupuncture can help lots of things. It hasn't been around as long as it has becuase it does nothing.

    Keep moving slowly.

  2. I'm certain that your problem is made much worse by the stress in your life. I start to backslide with my back / spinal problems if I don't get a massage every two weeks.

    Ultimately, my problem was "fixed" by some powerful anti-inflammatory drugs as an inflamed disc was compromising my spinal cord. The pain was so intense that most pain medications couldn't touch it. Good luck to you!