Monday, August 15, 2011

Off the deep end

She may have finally done it.

About a year ago my mother-in-law lost it on me, threw me out of the family, because she was upset that I didn't appreciate her outing me. 

Well now she's flipped again, not at me but at C and some of her sibs and their spouses.  There were two family cookouts over the weekend (mercifully I was only at one). 

Our guys were then supposed to spend a few days with her so C and I had some time as a sort of late 25 anniversary present.  The kids are home; C is at the end of her rope.

Mother in law (MiL) is a bit controlling and is not able to be honest even to herself.  She seems to have lost any filter on her mouth.  And she fears being left alone.  She is very insecure.   A volatile mix.  

I am civil when we meet - got brought back into the family with a half-assed apology.  I'm not invested enough in MiL to work to do more.  C is invested; it's her mom.  But C feels another relationship slipping through her fingers.  You'd think MiL could get out of her own way to help her child.  Ain't happening.  She is a text book narcissist. 

And she's really good at seeming to help others - it's sort of spooky. 

Point is - C is abandoned yet again.   And my ability to help is limited at this point.


  1. I'm a believer in meta language. I have seen children misbehave to take pressure off the parents' relationship. The actions of your MIL have made you more concerned about C. Draws you back together. Perhaps that is her hope?

    I think that we all make a lot of actions which are half understood. Studying the results of the action more than the words is interesting.

  2. Best of luck on the interviews. With all those nibbles you're getting, eventually you will land a big one! (and I mean a new job and not a future husband.... at least not just yet!)