Monday, September 19, 2011

All is well

Well almost!!

Things at home are stabilizing again for me.  In a good way I think.  The roller coaster of the last few years seems to be ending - dare I hope?   Did I mention I never liked roller coasters?

Work is interesting.  I had two interviews over the last little bit.  Both seemed to go quite well.  But the second one aggravated some of my pet peeves.  Why is it that when I drive in stop and go traffic and change lanes to the one that is moving faster that it stops?  Perhaps that's an analogy for life; don't change lanes until you have more information.

The second pet peeve was New Jersey - particularly the Jersey Turnpike.  And not it's not New Jerseyites.  Why in God's name do people park themselves in the passing lane on the NJ Turnpike going the speed limit.  Yes I know the speed limit is the speed limit and one should not exceed it.  But really. 

Years back when we took the entire turnpike a few times a year it was the same.  And both now and then it was not just NJ cars, but a host of other states as well.

Such is life.

On the more important note sometimes I think I should not be thinking of laeving.  The relationship we can have with people is meaningful.  A few minutes ago I was able to hug a homeless woman who lost her baby - stillbirth - the other day. 

That put all of my gripes and pet peeves in a little better perspective.  If I do nothing else today, I've done a lot.

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  1. That is so true of driving in NJ anywhere. People are hyper-aggressive, but by gosh, they drive the speed limit.