Friday, July 8, 2011

Highly offensive and offended

As a former Catholic, former altar boy and, dare I say it, former seminarian, I find  the picture in Michael-in-Norfolk's post HERE  (picture to the right) highly offensive.  The picture equates Benedict XVI with Darth Vader.  This is unjustified and unfair.

The picture should be retracted as soon as possible with a public apology.  How dare anyone compare the Holy Father to Darth Vader. 

Now Michael could well have used photos such as these below.

Or even this video. 

All are far less offensive.

We must remember that, in the end, Darth Vader rejected the Dark Side and embraced goodness.  Thus far Benedict and his minions seem more like the Emperor - bent on continuing to corrupt others even when faced with the consequences of their actions.  To equate Benedict and Darth Vader is to do Vader a grave disservice.  A comparison with Darth Sidious with his unrepentant attitude seems much more justified.

More to the point and with my tongue removed from my cheek, Michael and the NCR are correct to point out the hubris, ignorance and utterly failed leadership of a bunch of guys most assume are straight speaking about gay marriage especially when they ignored, facilitated and/or participated in acts of sexual savagery with children - both male and female.  And then blamed this savagery on "homosexuals" instead of their own complicity and participation. And further commenced on a witch-hunt on gays and lesbians (women religious) as if preventing their participation in vowed religious life will be a panacea.  While comparing Benedict XVI (not so warmly referred to as "the Rat" when he was merely Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) to Darth Sidious might be overstated, it hits far too close to home, especially for those of us who know people affected by predator clergy.  Five.  I know that I know 5 people who were sexually abused by priests.  I am sure there are others who have not shared that with me.

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