Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's in a bowl of ice cream?

So a few years back - probably about 5 or so I successfully battled weight.  I was about 155-160lbs when I got married.  My weight had creeped up to a point where I was uncomfortable.  I got down to about 185lbs (84kg) with a combination of diet and exercise.  I kept the exercise until the beginning of 2011. 

Today a whopping 223lbs. (101kg).  Not where I want to be.  Especially since all you gay guys have the reputation for being picky.  I know when I'm in a crowd I'm often more attracted to the women than the men (sort of) but only because we men seem to have let ourselves go.

Thus the new widget on the blog.  If it disappears you'll know the weight isn't going in the right direction ;-)

So the goals
  1. lose 2lbs. a week at least for the first bit.  
  2. eat at or below the level indicated by an external source (using
  3. exercise regularly again - 2 years ago I would run 4 miles in under 40 minutes at lunch.  
This will
  1. get me in shape
  2. help the health
  3. help with the depression
Downside - no bowls of ice cream - at least as I was having them - for the next bit.

Big upside - doing something positive again form myself.


  1. Wish you all the best with your weight loss goals! I've looked for a blog widget for this so I might borrow this one. I am a good 20 pounds heavier than what I consider ideal.

    Reasons for this weight gain? (1) My spinal problems meant I was completely immobile for five weeks; no exercise at all. (2) Since my wife moved out (and I came out), I am much happier and am eating more. It is impossible to overeat when you have a knot in your stomach all the time.

  2. There's tons of terrific info on Livestrong so you don't need my advice.

    But I'll give it anyway.

    1. Trade protein for carbs as much as you can.

    2. Aerobic exercise is good, but it's easy to over-emphasize. If your works outs are mixed (weight training and running) you'll lose weight quicker. And studies show that you burn fat faster if you begin with weights and end with running.

    3. I'm obsessed with peanuts. I swear that the mono-saturated fat in them has a way of convincing the body it doesn't need to keep as much stored fat.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see that widget tick off the pounds.

  3. Thank guys!! So far so good!! all 24 hours :-)

  4. Jim - some people gain others lose under stress. Too bad you seem to be a gainer- If you can come to better terms with your situation maybe the weight loss will become even easier. See if you can talk more to your wife and see what she can tolerate - see if you can move her to being more accepting. If she wants you badly enough could she learn to share you? Good luck with your exercises and weight loss - you can do it!
    Take care,
    Tom from Cleveland