Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So, it's been a day already - only 9:30am my time.  Work was insane from the moment I came in.  I may have to fire a volunteer who we depend on in the next 48 hours.  He created a very dangerous situation and knew better.

But I notice something different.  Something interesting.

My kvetching recently has been about non-gay things.  The crisis in life is calming down, becoming less urgent.  Part of that, I am convinced, is that I have begun to sit meditation again.  Part of it might be that I realize I am who I am.  What that means, how I instantiate that in my life authentically is my decision.

But bottom line, right now, my complaints are about work.  You'd almost think I was a regular red-blooded American male.


  1. And so you are a regular red-blooded American male! Congratulations on your journey.

  2. I agree with Bill . . . you are every bit as red-blooded as any other male on the planet. We're all regular guys! Best wishes.

  3. Great to hear Jim. Now on to making work as easy to get through as everything else.